Keep your PC Clean

Keeping A PC Clean from dust and dirt is just as important as keeping it free of viruses and spyware. Recently, two different customers brought me PC’s that wouldn’t boot or load up. Both were in dire need of cleaning. I told each customer, before I would diagnose the problems, I would have to clean the PC out from top to bottom.

Inside of both PC’s there were some cleaned parts, most how I found them.  After a couple hours with the screwdriver, toothbrushes, lint-free cloths, and compressed air tanks, I was able to reassemble the PCs for testing purposes. This is where things get interesting. One PC booted right into Windows with no more issues.  It seems that there was enough dust on the board and contacts to short out the board and set off the temperature sensors not letting it start. The other PC however, did not fare as well. The overheating seized the power supply, and sent damaging voltage to the main board.  That customer ended up replacing MOST of his computer for new.

How to stop this from happening to you before it’s too late.

  • Open your PC once per year and spray the insides with canned air
  • Add filters to the vents on the sides (don’t block the vents!)
  • Limit Pet access to the PC locations
  • Bring your PC to Inishowen Computer Guy for a full cleaning yearly (shameless plug)

Our cleaning service includes full strip-down and cleaning, full re-pasting of thermal compound on all chips and heat-sinks, re-assembly and temperature testing. We will come and collect also. Cheers and thanks for reading.